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Abstra-x are established on 16th December 2003, on its first exhibition in Hidayat Gallery, Bandung.

* we believe the Indonesian modern art, especially Indonesian modern paintings would never
end, because the Indonesian identity is a process, concerning of the Indonesian people
relating to art in contemporary awareness.
* Build a inter-communication space concerning Indonesia art, especially for a healthier art
social domain (art world).
* Develop and enrich contemporary art discourse in Indonesia; do research and writing
process of Indonesia art.
* Promote and bridge communication between the artist, art work and art society; concerning
art paintings
Willy Himawan

1988 - 1994 Primary School, SD no. 4 Renon – Denpasar
1994 - 1997 Secondary School, SLTPN 9 Denpasar
1997 - 2000 High School, SMUN 1 Denpasar
2000 - 2005 Bachelor of Fine Art Department FSRD – ITB, Bandung
2005 - 2007 Master of Fine Art Program FSRD – ITB, Bandung


Group Exhibition

1998 Best work exhibition on painting competition for High School at Pesta kesenian Bali XX
Best work exhibition on PRA KS I at STSI Denpasar
Best work exhibition on Dies Natalis V STKIP Singaraja, Bali
2000 TPB Seni Murni FSRD – ITB at Soemardja Gallery Bandung
2002 “Realitas Absurd” at Taman Budaya Jawa Barat Gallery
2003 “Metaphor Object” at Hidayat Gallery Bandung
2004 “Neo Bandung; Seni Lukis via Bandung” at H Gallery Jakarta
2005 “Skip” at Sanggar Luhur Gallery Bandung
"Imagining Bandung” at Soemardja Gallery Bandung
“Pra Bali Biennale” at Griya Santrian Gallery Denpasar
“Rekreasi Demokreasi” at Soka Gallery Jakarta.
“TRANSit” at Biasa Gallery, Seminyak Kuta Bali
“Petisi Bandung” at Langgeng Gallery, Magelang
2006 ASEAN Youth Camp Exhibition at Orchid Hotel & ICC, Brunei Darussalam
“Bersama untuk Semua” at Galeri Teh Bandung.
“Bandung New Emergence” at Selasar Seni Sunaryo, Bandung
“Contemporary Art Festival 2006” at Langgeng Gallery, Magelang
”The 2006 Sovereign Asian Art Prize”, Lane Crowford IFC Mall Hongkong

Solo Exhibition

2005 “Vague” at Klinik Seni TAXU, Denpasar.


1997 First Winner of AIDS poster competition, Bali.
1998 First Winner of Youth Healthy Poster Competition held by Indonesian Ministry of Health.
1998 Second Winner of Pesta Kesenian Bali (PKB) XX Painting Competition.
Third Winner of PRA KS I STSI Denpasar Painting Competiton.
Best ten of Painting Competition Jawa, Bali & NTB in Dies Natalis V STKIP Singaraja.
2004 Best Student of Fine Art, Institut Teknologi Bandung.
2005 Pra Bali Biennale Nominator.
2006 30 Top Finalist for Asian Art Prize Sovereign Art Foundation.


Langgeng Gallery, Magelang
Biasa Gallery, Kuta-Bali
Hidayat Gallery, Bandung
Soka Gallery, Jakarta
Indonesian Heritage, Jakarta
Ministry of Education Brunei Darussalam
Indonesian Embassy for Brunei Darussalam
Secretariat COCI ASEAN
Mr. Husni Saleh, Jakarta
Mrs. Andonowati, Bandung
Mrs. Suzanne Perini, Bali
DR. Tsuguo Genka, Japan
Mrs. Naomi Tanaka, Singapore
Mrs. Yap Swee Lee, Singapore

Yadi Juliansyah

2000 - 2005 Bachelor of Fine Art Department FSRD – ITB, Bandung

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Guntur Timur /

Place / Date of birth Bandung, 12 may 1980
Address Jl. Yasaadi No.1, Rt. 01/VII, Sukamanah, Rancaekek,
Bandung 40394

Formal Education

Painting Studio
Fine Art Department
Faculty of Art and Design
Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB)
Ars International School, Bandung

Working Experiences

Mid 2006-Now
IBDP Visual Art Instructor
Gandhi Memorial International School-Jakarta
January-May 2006
Visiting Teacher
Visual Studies Department
University of Karachi, Pakistan
Artist in Resident Program
University of Karachi, Pakistan


“Karachi Grid” , Solo Exhibitions
VM Art Gallery, Dhoraji Society, Karachi-Pakistan
“Transit” , Painting exhibitions
Biasa Art Space, Jl. Seminyak 32, Bali
“Rekreasi, Demokreasi”, Group Exhibitions,
Soka Gallery, Kemang Raya Jakarta
“ Indonesian Celebrity “, Video screening
Common Room, Jl. Kyai Gede, Bandung
“Indonesian Painting Via Bandung”,
Painting Exhibition, Abstrax Group
H-Gallery, Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya, Jakarta Selatan
“Metaphors Object” Painting Exhibition Abstrax’s Group Hidayat Gallery, Bandung
“Realitas Absurd”, Visual Art Exhibition,
Taman Budaya Jawa Barat Gallery, Bandung
“TPB 2000 Exhibition”, Group Exhibition,
Soemardja Gallery, ITB-Bandung

Course and Seminars

2006 IB DP Workshop in Sekolah Pelita Harapan-Karawachi
2004 “What Is Art Today”, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Catholic Parahyangan, Bandung


2006 Indonesian Contemporary Art; “The Latest Issue on Indonesian Emerging Artist”
Karachi School of Art and Design, Pakistan

Performance Art

2004 Performance Art “Let’s Kick Racism Out of Football”, Creative Experiment, Aula Timur, FSRD-ITB
2001-2002 Series of Performance Art “Poem on Top of the Hills”, Jatinangor, Bandung-Sumedang
2001 “Music Installations”, Performance Art,
Faculties of languages and Literature, Padjadjaran University, Bandung
2000 “Body Painting-City Art”, Performance Art,
Art Festival ITB 2000, Bandung

Iman Sapari

2000 - 2005 Bachelor of Fine Art Department FSRD – ITB, Bandung

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Cepy Gunawan Surya Saputra

2000 - 2005 Bachelor of Fine Art Department FSRD – ITB, Bandung

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Dimas Arif Nugroho

I was born in Bandung, Indonesia, 1982. I went to Fine Art Department, FSRD – Bandung Institute of Technology, in 2000, majoring Print making (Graphic art), and graduated in 2005. Since 2003, I started to be an independent artist. I became lecturer’s assistant in Print making Department on the same institute. And in print making field I’m work as an artist and as assistant in Tjidamar Printmaking House who’s founded by Devy Ferdianto and since 2004 till now I also became a program manager in Institute Gallery “Soemardja Gallery” who’s curated by Aminudin TH. Siregar “Ucok”

I studied a conventional way of print as the basic of the print making but my works in lately were more inter media and my work are dealing with the displaced feeling from the urban people who lived in the middle of modernism and globalization era, and my artistic research has been focusing in the relation between the body and the space in urban context. I started using other media beside printmaking like paintings, drawing, mix media, photography, video, digital print. To this present works.

It is important for me to state my artistic career not only as a personal track. Since 2003, I started working as part of project team. This included my participation as project facilitator, as artist, or both combination .In the December 2003 I’m and with another tenth young artist from Bandung founded an Art Group “Abstra-x” who have new vision of the style, who’s totally different from the mostly senior artist style look like before. And I have been working on different project-teams involving different team members, and the last project is involving in third Asia-Europe Art Camp who hosting by Bandung Center for New Media Art and ASEF. And now I continuing my study in HBK-Braunschweig Germany in Druckgraphick and Intermedia Art with prof. Friedemann von Stockhausen ( Printmaking, Photography, Film )


2007-now | HBK-Braunschweig, Germany
2005-2007 | Master Program in
Bandung Institute of Technology
2000-2005 | Fine Art Department, Faculty of Fine Art & Design, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia (major: printmaking)

Group Exhibition

2007 Good Morning City Noise: International Sound Art Project Exhibition, Soemardja Gallery, Bandung, ID
Mnemonic ID Exhibition, Common Room, Bandung Center for New media Art, ID

2006 Indonesian Printmaking Trienale Touring Exhibition, Jakarta, Bali, Jogyakarta, Semarang, Solo,
Bandung, Makasar, Medan ID (2006-2007)
Printmaking exhibition collaborations between KGB and The lecturer from FSRD ITB, Galeri Semar, Malang, ID
“Bandung Convention” Painting competition and Exhibition, Bandung, ID
“Paper-Paper on the wall “Drawing Exhibition, Artnivora Gallery, Jakarta, ID

2005 Braga Art Festival Exhibition, Bandung, ID
ABSTRAX “ Re kreasi: Demo Kreasi” Soka galeri,Jakarta, ID
Carte Blanche #6: Vogue, Centre Culturel Fran├žais, Jakarta, ID
“ IndyDrawingComunity “ Drawing Exhibition, Ci+ Gallery Bandung,ID
Photography Exhibition “Displaced Places” Selasar Sunaryo art space, Bandung,ID

2004 ABSTRAX “Seni Lukis via Bandung” H Gallery, Jakarta.ID
Beyond Panopticon video screening, BEC, Bandung, ID
“Tempel–temple” Goethe Institute, Jakarta, ID

2003 “No Violence for Press” Bandung, ID
Indonesian printmaking Trienale, touring exhibition Jakarta, Bali, Jogja, Bandung, ID
Drawing Exhibition By KGB, Bandung,ID

2002 Indonesian Printmaking Exhibition, Bandung, German, ID-GER
“Absurd Reality“ Bandung Tea House, ID

2001 “Studio Exhibition “Soemardja Gallery, Bandung, ID

Workshop, Project, Seminar

2006 iCurate Curatorial workshop, Organized by Soemardja Gallery and ASEF, Bandung,ID
Art and management Seminar and Workshop, organized by Kelola Art and ACC, Solo, ID
“Heri Dono Paper Pupet” workshop, Soemardja Gallery, Bandung, ID
2005 36 Frames Project, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung, ID
Photography Workshop, UNESCO Asberg Program, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung, ID
“Agus Suwage Water color” workshop, Soemardja Gallery, Bandung, ID
2004 “What’s Art today”, Parahyangan University, Bandung, ID
Collage Workshop on Max Ernst Exhibition, Jakarta, ID
“Non toxic Intaglio-Type” Prof. Keith Howard, Rochester Institute Of Technology, NY FSRD-ITB, Bandung,ID
2003 “From White to Black“Prof. Karl C. Schulz, HBK Braunschweig, FSRD-ITB Bandung, ID
2002 Lithography workshop by Kent Pattern lithography studio, fine art department ITB
France Poster Workshop “SIGNE” Prof. Michel Wlasikof, Gallery Soemardja FSRD-ITB, ID

Writing experience

2003 Contributor in KP News letter “The Printmaker News letter in ITB” publish by
KGB ( Kelompok Grafis Berseni )
Contributor in Drawing Exhibition cataloge By KGB, ID
2005 Curating the Origami Exhibition “Omigari”, ITB-IPTEK Hall, Bandung, ID
Curating Photography Exhibition “The Humanity Journey “Homage to One Year’s Tsunami in
Aceh”, Bandung,ID
2006 Curating Photography Competition and Exhibition, KMSR-ITB, Bandung, ID
Curating New Media Art and Science Pavilion on ITB Art Festival, Bandung ID
Curating Photography exhibition on ITB Art Festival, Bandung, ID
Contibutor in Pikiran Rakyat News Letter, review about watercolor exhibition “Bertamasya kedalam
dunia Cinantia”, Bandung, ID


Selasar Sunaryo Art Space,ID
Gallery Soemardja, ID
Ci + Gallery,ID
Artnivora Gallery, ID
Common Room, Bandung Center for New media Art, ID
Video Lab, ID


Dadan Setiawan

b. Bandung, W. Java,1979

1999 - 2004 Bachelor of Fine Art Department FSRD – ITB, Bandung

Solo exhibitions

2005 Grasscape, Artnivora Gallery, Jakarta.

Groups Exhibition

2000 TPB Exhibition, Soemardja Gallery, Bandung.
2003 Believe it Art Not Art exhibition, Soemardja Gallery, Bandung.
2004 Seni Rupa sebagai Media Pembelajaran, National Gallery, Jakarta.
#6 Vague, Cultural Center Francais (CCF), Jakarta.
Rekreasi Demokrasi, Soka Gallery, Jakarta.
Trans(it), Biasa Gallery, Bali, Kuta
2005 Langgeng Ikon Gallery, Jakarta.
2006 Pappers on the Walls, Artnivora Gallery, Jakarta.
Milangkala, galeri Rumah Teh, Bandung.
Bandung New Emergence, Selasa Seni Sunaryo, Bandung.
Surface, Emmitan Gallery, Surabaya.
2007 Pameran 30 Besar Kompetisi Seni Lukis Jawa Barat 2007, Galeri Kita, Bandung.
Pameran “Reading Image”, Puri Gallery, Surabaya

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Zaenudin Ramly

2000 - 2005 Bachelor of Fine Art Department FSRD – ITB, Bandung

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